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When it comes to high-quality drain services Michigan Sewer & Drain in Burton, Michigan, has everything for you. Giving no less than total customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Sewer & Drain Cleaning

At Michigan Sewer & Drain, we expertly unclog and clean sewerage and drainage systems blocked by just about anything imaginable. We do not use chemicals, like corrosive acid solutions, because of their effects and damage to sewer and septic systems. some of the services we offer include...

  • All drains
  • Toilets
  • Main lines
  • Hydro-Jetting
  • Line Location
  • Camera inspections
  • Sewer line repair
  • Catch basin
  • Frozen Pipes
  • Excavation
  • Smoke testing
  • Sump-pump discharge lines
  • Sump-pump repair and replacement
  • Sewage ejection pumps
  • Clean-out installation
  • Culverts and drain tiles
  • Grease trap
  • Sink, shower, and floor drains
  • Roof and gutter drains
  • Sewer line de-scaling

High Pressure Water Jetting

Our technicians are trained in using high pressure water jetting to clear and unclog drains and sewer lines. Our High Pressure Water Jetting technology brakes down and flushes away grease, sludge, tree roots and other debris from your pipes our Water Jetting technicians can clear clogged drains, sanitary lines, man holes, sewers and frozen lines. We are able to clean 2" - 12" diameter sewer lines with 1500-4000 PSI. This high pressure allows our technicians to cut through tough blockages. High pressure water jetting can be more effective than the usual sewer snake because it doesn't just cut through obstructions in the drain, it cleans it. A clean drain will not snag foreign objects that could block the drain all over again.

Michigan Sewer & Drain, burton, MI, plumber, services, jetting

Michigan Sewer & Drain, burton, MI, plumber, services, jetting

Video Inspection
We also offer full video inspections when we suspect another issue has arisen above and beyond normal sewer line blockages. We recommend video inspection in the case that you have a presumed break in your line. A video inspection will eliminate any uncertainty when it comes to broken lines. Our technicians use our video technology to make recommendations on what you should or should not do to your line. Our mission is to take care of you, so you can rest assured you will get a recommendation that is in your best interest – not ours.

Rooter service
This is a term for the type of service our technicians perform on drain lines. We use sewer machines that augur out lines to clear out blockages that are affecting specific lines in your home or business.

Tree Roots
Our  Technicians specialize in tree root removal Tree roots are attracted to water, this is the main reason they creep into drain lines. Roots get in through the seams of your drain lines where they are able to grow and prosper eventually causing sewage and debris to back up. If tree roots are left untreated, the roots can completely fill your drain line with hair-like masses that block sewage from getting to the septic system, or city sewer. Results of these blockages can be slow running drains, sewage backups in your home, eventually they can break the line which can lead to expensive repairs and replacement.

Once you have a tree root problem, we strongly recommend setting up a preventative maintenance schedule to continually remove the growing tree roots from your drain line and causing additional backups


Michigan Sewer & Drain, burton, MI, plumber, services, kitchen, main line

Michigan Sewer & Drain, burton, MI, plumber, services, rooter


Preventative Maintenance Plans
Our technicians can set up a regular preventative maintenance plan for the drain lines in your home or business. These plans are specific to the needs of your home or business. They are set up as a way preventing sewer backups from occurring when you know of an outstanding issue in your drain lines. For example, if you have had tree roots in your main line previously – we can set up a timely plan to ensure when those tree roots start growing back they do not get out of control and cause expensive, messy sewage back ups. For business, such as restaurants we can set up routine preventative maintenance on specific lines that commonly become blocked, such as grease traps, floor drains, and main lines. All of our Sewer Preventative Maintenance Plans are set up for individual building needs.

Bradley tubs

Found in machine shops, schools, industrial manufactures. It is a half or while sink where you stand on a lever that lets water washer you hands. This is a small line that goes directly to your main line

Michigan Sewer & Drain, burton, MI, plumber, services, bathroom, bathtubs

Bathroom Sinks
Bathroom sinks are small lines that run to the main line. The usual obstructions that cause bathroom sinks clogs are: soap buildup, grease, and hair. Our technicians have even pulled larger foreign objects like rags and razor blades from clogged bathroom sink lines

Bathtub Drains
Small drain that empty in to the main line. Soap and grease and hair are most often the culprits for bathtub clogs.

Shower Drains
Showers have small lines that run to main line. Hair, soap and grease, are often the causes of slow shower drains

When your toilet backs up, our technicians will be there to help. It may sound funny, but we have pulled the following out of clogged toilets before: potatoes, cell phones, tape measures, underwear, toothbrushes, dentures, wedding rings, news paper, toys, and eye glasses. Most everyone knows what should NOT be put down these lines. But, here are some reminders: Dental floss, q-tips, feminine products, wet wipes and moist towelettes should never be flushed down your toilet.

Floor drains
Floor drains are small lateral lines that run to your main line. Floor drain back ups are most often caused by grease, debris from a kitchen sink, debris from a laundry tub or even shower/bathtub drains we clean these types of drains by using the largest blade we can possibly fit in to them to ensure the clogged floor drain line is clear of any obstructions.

Frozen lines
With cold Michigan Winters comes frozen lines. Frozen Drain lines occur when the frost goes to pipe level, and water sits for long periods of time in your pipes and then freezes inside your drain line. Drain lines that are most commonly affected are: main lines, kitchen sink lines, and any line could be exposed to the cold. Frozen lines cannot be cabled, it is best to use our water jetter to power threw and melt the ice that has formed

Garbage disposals
Garbage disposal clogs are caused by too large or too hard of food being processed through the line. Garbage disposals are intended to dispose of food that are of spaghetti sauce consistency with no meat. It is best to dispose of larger food objects in the trash to insure you don't have a garbage disposal clog

Grease traps
Grease traps are found inside most restaurants, sometimes large ones are found outside. Inside grease traps are around 50 – 80 gallons; outside grease traps can be up to 1500 gallons. When our  technicians clean the inside of grease traps we suck out all grease, liquid and solids then scrape down the sides to remove all debris that has formed. Our technicians then test the line with water to ensure it is in good working order. We recommend cleaning grease traps during off peak business hours

Inside main line
The inside main line is the part of the main line that is in your home or business. Our technicians locate the access to the inside main line and use our sewer cleaning machines to augur any inside main line blockages in the line. Sometimes our technicians have to pull a toilet to gain access to this line. Our technicians  use the largest blade possible to ensure main line clogs are completely removed

Kitchen Sinks Lines
Kitchen sink lines are small lines that usually run past a floor drain then out to the main line. Longer kitchen sink lines could have dips or sags in the line that allow grease, soap and food particles to gather. Our technicians get the largest blades possible through the line to ensure they are clear of any obstructions. When kitchen sink clogs are found to be very greasy our technicians will use our high pressure water jetting to clear the clogged kitchen sink line.



Michigan Sewer & Drain, burton, MI, plumber, services, kitchen, main line


Main line cleaning
The main line drain is the central drainage system of your home or business. It is also the one drain most home owners tend to take for granted, that is until there is a sewer back up. Michigan Sewer & Drain technicians  augur the main line out to the city sewer or the home's septic system. Our technicians cut out tree roots, grease build up, and even foreign objects. If you have a clogged main line, all your other drain lines can be affected. This can cause a lot of stress, and may also pose health issues, and even property damage if not taken care of right away.

Slow drains
Slow running drains can be an indicator that there is a dip or partial blockage or vent issue in you line. Usually a buildup of scale, hair, grease or foreign object. A slow drain can be an indicator that a back up could occur in the near future

Roof Drains And Gutters
most roof drain and gutter blockages are caused by leaves, dirt ,and roofing material we have found that our water jetting is the most effective way to clean these

Washing Machine drains
most blockages are caused by not having a drain screen in place or not cleaning the screen regularly this will cause it to clog up with lint, clothes fibers and dirt 

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